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A new Brand Identity

Baron manufactures high level professional kitchens.

We designed the brand restyling with a new logo, a new website and new print tools. Moreover we designed their flagship product: Queen.

The Knob

It offers optimum grip and help the chef to have the setting controls right under his eyes. The knob bezels are designed to avoid penetration of liquids and/or dirt.

The Bar & the Handles

The front bar increases the chef’s comfort, protects against knocks, shields the knobs and means you will remain at a safe distance from the worktop. A practical space that is also ideal for hanging utensils, tea towels and anything else you would like to keep close at hand.

The handles are recessed along the top edge of the hob and create the striking optical effect of one very large handle. Their shape is designed to prevent knocks and accidental contact, whilst facilitating cleaning as much as possible.

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