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A complete Brand Identity program

From the Logo to the Products design, through the Web Site and the Company Profile

The logo restyling

A logo that had many years of exposure deserves respect for its equity. The restyling should maintain recognition but looking contemporary.

The light retouch keeps the typical chef’s hat shape but in a new redesigned pattern while a narrower font makes it smarter. Moreover, the letter “O” with the warm company yellow color inside, becomes itself an oven.

This sliding layout allows to see the difference between the new one (left) and the old one (right).

Olis Web Site

Company Profile

A necessary tool to display the Brand Values and Vision.


Olis professional kitchens.

Inside Diamante

Equipped with up to seven Gastronorm containers or bottle holders, so that everything is close to hand – makes preparing even the most complicated dishes a snap.
With the “Ready to Wash” system so that containers can be placed directly into the dishwasher, thanks to Olis’ exclusive container fitting system.

Single Top

Knob & Display

A new non-slip design, squared off and rounded for a more ergonomic grip, with a contoured indicator to facilitate program selection.
Encoder function. Touch a program, turn the knob to set the level and press it to confirm the setting. With a water and dirt proof crown.

The intuitive interface makes setting parameters quick and easy, reduces programming times and gives perfect results.

Double functional doors

Conceived with two different opening mechanisms, for double the space and capacity. Bottom-hung, for storing spices, bottles, knifes, ladles and spoons;
side-hung, to maximise the volume of the interior compartment.
All containers can be personalised, are interchangeable and easy to remove for washing in the dishwasher at the end of the day.

Side panels


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